Hai Wang

Hai Wang

Hai Wang is a passionate casual game. The game highly restores the arcade fishing game, allowing players to experience the joy and passion of playing Neptune in the video game city on their mobile phones. A variety of sea monsters are coming in full attack, the brave come to challenge, you will be the next king of navigation!

The authentic "Sea King Fishing" is a casual fishing game with arcade fishing as the core technology transplantation.

Dazzling skills and scene special effects, matched soundtrack sound effects, magnificent Neptune, various BOSS, special fish tide and a variety of fish arrays, challenging the sensory limit every minute and second is easy to get started.

How to play

First point
Sending points and eating points, a game will not eat your score for no reason, then it is not because the game looks at you, it is not deliberately eating your points, of course not. Why did you get so many points for no reason? Players who are going to play the game should not be anxious, do not enter a room casually, depending on which fort loses more.

Second point
To understand how to arrange the muzzle, the Xu family likes to adjust the multiple to the highest and like fishing, but it is best to divide the environment, and it is best to divide the environment. Don’t use less fish and waste too many shells.

Third point
Before entering the game, according to the rules of the game, pick you a multiple that feels the most profit. In the game, you will find that some fish species appear very few times, some fish species appear many times, under normal circumstances, there are more fish, the score will be slightly higher. If you lock the tool, it is best to be in a place with many fish, and at the same time, it will not lock some small fish, and waste your shells bye.

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