Li Kui Pi Yu

Li Kui Pi Yu

Many players in Li Kui Pi Yu game are very controversial. You need to consider that if you catch a big fish, this relatively new player is particularly interested in knowing. In fact, fishing skills are not just explanations, these need to be distinguished. Opening up to understand can better help players catch big fish.

How to play

The puffer fish is a trap fish. It is the nemesis of players in the game of Li Kui. The small amount of artillery shells is basically impossible to catch. The puffer fish can catch more than the turtles. It is a waste to catch alone. Especially when the back of the artillery shell is low, the fishing player encounters To the puffer fish can be considered in choosing to catch. Golden devil fish, such as deep-sea fish, have a relatively high chance of catching success, but the initial stage will be very painful, because the player’s shell multiple is low and the speed is slow, but after the player’s shell multiple is increased, it has good crit damage and hits. It is high and the fishing range is large. It can be solved with a few shots when catching the golden devil fish in the later period.

The golden turtle is small and has the highest capture difficulty. It is originally small. It is difficult to start hiding in the school of fish. For players with low shell multiples, the cost of successful capture is too high. Only waiting for the shell multiples to be high. After there are enough advantages, In order to catch the golden turtle in the game of Li Kui, the player can also use skills or props when fishing. Any event can be used to obtain prop rewards, and the skills can only be obtained after the player's level is improved. The player is fishing One of the most suitable tasks is the ascension task, because each level of cannon can not only get higher shell fishing, but also get certain rewards, including gold coins, props and diamonds, when the turret is upgraded to the top, Basically any fish can be caught, as long as you grasp the weaknesses of various marine life.

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