Golden Toad

Golden Toad

What kind of mystery is hidden deep in the blue ocean? Does the seemingly docile fish also have a fierce side? How many surprises in the unknown sea are waiting for us to discover? Does this have anything to do with us? Is it related to the majority of players? ? Our whole is affordable, is a visible reward!

At present, the maximum magnification of the gun in the game is 1000 times, the 1-49 magnification gun is a double-tube and two-net launch, and the 50-1000 magnification gun is a three-tube and three-net launch. The BOSS fish is the "Golden Toad", and the elements such as "One Net" and "Combined Fish" are all the same as the arcade version, and there are more mysterious underwater creatures, giving players a new feeling.

How to play

1. Some players like to use 70 cannons to attack the school of fish. If they can hit the fish, and the score is greater than 70, they will still use this cannon to attack. Or play in another seat, of course, you can also rest in situ and observe how others play.

There is another way to try it, which is to use 30 points to attack a 40-point fish, play a few times to see the ratio of incoming points and out points, and then decide whether to continue playing.

2. The second method is a common method, that is, don't aim at a fixed fish, fight small fish and learn to stick big fish. You must learn to stick to small fish when playing big fish. In this way, if you miss a big fish, you can also make some small fish to make up for the loss.

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