Animal party

Animal Party (Animal Party) is a game played in a realistic zoo, with beautiful 3D graphics and animation.During the game, you will stand in front of the metal entrance door of the zoo, which supports the runner. The background shows lush vegetation, and the paved road gently winds in the courtyard and the blue sky. The perfect day trip!

In fact, the sound effects of the game are excellent, birds chirp, and various tropical animals communicate loudly with each other. This may be a detail, but these sound effects help create a convincing and immersive atmosphere for Animal Party, which players have always liked.

Jue Zhan Tian Xia

Jue Zhan Tian Xia is a large-scale 3D animal game console. The brand-new Journey to the West character gameplay, exquisite interface design, bright rhythm music, with cute images such as Sun Wukong, Zhu Bajie, Sha Wujing, Niu Demon, etc., let you play full of fun. With red, yellow and green, there are twelve gameplays.

Golden shark

Golden Shark takes you to start a new era of fishing! The classic continues, the arcade fishing finale comes out, the classic arcade game arcade is restored, do you remember the scene of fishing together? Live-action fishing, the picture is truly restored to the deep-sea scene, the plot mode is perfectly upgraded, live-action dubbing, ten thousand people online fishing together. A variety of gameplays, combining arcade gold toad fishing, Li Kui fish, Da Sheng Nao Hai, fishing expert, 1000 cannon fishing, Chenlong fishing, arcade game fishing, all in the experience of allowing you to fish More fun!

Multiplayer competitive fishing, multiplayer with the same number of players on the same screen, unlimited firepower to compete, simple operation, perfect full screen flying, let you fish in minutes to high, envy your opponent! The prizes are huge and unexpected! When fishing is at its coolest, the lucky turntable is often turned over. There are so many surprises, let you feel the infinite violence and refreshing feeling that the fish swarm into a full screen of gold coins instantly! Gold coins wow!

Zhan Wu Bu Shen

Zhan Wu Bu Shen is an online slot machine with 4 explorers arranged to reward players with basic video games with 5 reels and 15 paylines. Zhan Wu Bu Sheng has two functions as the "Wild" symbol of the Monkey King slot machine. First, he is the leading payment icon. There are 5 situations on the vibrant payment line, which can reach 10,000 times your betting line.

Secondly, Zhan Wu Bu Shen not only replaced all other symbols except the scattered symbols, but also increased any victory that resulted. This online slot game Scatter can suddenly generate payment in the basic game, and also turned on Sun Wukong's completely free spin function, which happens when he has 3 or more situations.

Hou zi pa shu

Hou zi pa shu  is a household game. With the theme of six funny monkeys, a competitive game crawling on a coconut tree, if you can accurately predict the winning number, high winnings are waiting for you to take home.This simple and fun game interface makes players addicted after all the trials! This game is based on an ancient legend that the legendary monkey can reach the top of the world in just one minute. Players must bet on the monkeys you identified, in addition to the runner-up and third-place monkeys.