Da Sheng Nao Hai

When I was young, I especially liked going to the video game. No matter in which video game arena, there are always several fishing machines in the center, surrounded by people, and beside them, they are always full of waiting players and spectators.

From the arcade to online games to the era of mobile games, the popularity of fishing games has never cooled down. It has always been a force that cannot be ignored in the game market, attracting the attention of tens of millions of players.

Da Sheng Nao Hai, also known as Wukong Naohai, is a fishing game. The biggest feature of this game is the addition of special effects on the basis of the original Thousand Cannon Fishing Game, which not only modifies the arcade fishing game scene, Moreover, this arcade fishing game adds the ultimate BOSS "Qi Tian Da Sheng" Sun Wukong. It can be said that it is a popular work of the Pengpai mobile fishing game platform series, which is loved by players who win online fishing. . Professional fishing games, fishing games, and the professional numerical debugging of fishing games developed by Peng Party Fishing Games have greatly enhanced the operability of this game.

Hai Wang

Hai Wang is a passionate casual game. The game highly restores the arcade fishing game, allowing players to experience the joy and passion of playing Neptune in the video game city on their mobile phones. A variety of sea monsters are coming in full attack, the brave come to challenge, you will be the next king of navigation!

The authentic "Sea King Fishing" is a casual fishing game with arcade fishing as the core technology transplantation.

Dazzling skills and scene special effects, matched soundtrack sound effects, magnificent Neptune, various BOSS, special fish tide and a variety of fish arrays, challenging the sensory limit every minute and second is easy to get started.

Golden Toad

What kind of mystery is hidden deep in the blue ocean? Does the seemingly docile fish also have a fierce side? How many surprises in the unknown sea are waiting for us to discover? Does this have anything to do with us? Is it related to the majority of players? ? Our whole is affordable, is a visible reward!

At present, the maximum magnification of the gun in the game is 1000 times, the 1-49 magnification gun is a double-tube and two-net launch, and the 50-1000 magnification gun is a three-tube and three-net launch. The BOSS fish is the "Golden Toad", and the elements such as "One Net" and "Combined Fish" are all the same as the arcade version, and there are more mysterious underwater creatures, giving players a new feeling.

Li Kui Pi Yu

Many players in Li Kui Pi Yu game are very controversial. You need to consider that if you catch a big fish, this relatively new player is particularly interested in knowing. In fact, fishing skills are not just explanations, these need to be distinguished. Opening up to understand can better help players catch big fish.