Mamma Mia


Mamma Mia is a 5 volume, 30 payline 3D video slot machine from BetSoft's SLOTS3 series of online slot machines.

Like many other BetSoft slot machines, Mamma Mia has everything a slot machine fan might want, including generous special features, vivid and interesting symbols, vivid graphics, and huge payouts, all of which make the game fun, engaging, and rewarding.

A unique feature of the game is that it can lock the wilderness at an extra cost per spin. Locking into the wilderness will increase your chances of winning big prizes. Although it may seem simple, if you exercise caution, this may be a very beneficial way to increase your bonus.

How to play

The standard game of Mamma Mia is what you expect, because you must match the same symbols from left to right on the active payline to win. The advertising space contains at least 9 standard symbols, including menus, serious food critics, dishes, newspapers, pizzas, Salvadoran chefs and boiling water. To win the biggest victory, you should try to match 5 Salvatore chef symbols on the active payment line. In this way, you can win 500 points for every coin you bet.

Drawing symbols is a standard wilderness function that releases the "locked wilderness" function. As mentioned earlier, with this feature, you can freeze your interests. To activate the "Lock the Wilderness" feature, you need to click the yellow button that is usually below the "Bet" button.

Mamma Mia also has a scatterplot represented by the Pizza symbol. Nesting 3 or more pizza symbols automatically triggers a free-spinning mode for making pizza, which converts the symbols into pizza ingredients, including olives, tomatoes, pepperoni and onions. Every time you hit the winning combination, the chef adds an ingredient to his pizza. At the end of the free spins, you will receive a total reward.

Since almost all BetSoft games are used to now, Mamma Mia provides a second screen bonus round. During the spin, if you hit 3 or more menu symbols anywhere on the reels, the bonus round will be triggered. The bonus round will bring you into the kitchen, where you will have to help Chef Salvatore choose the perfect meal and send it to the food critic. Critics use four different criteria to judge food. The higher the score, the greater the credit reward.

Another bonus feature is the "click me" game, which is triggered by clicking 3 or more "food cover" symbols anywhere on the reels. You will be prompted to choose a cover to display your bonus.

MAMMA_MIA_1.png - 2.29 MBMAMMA_MIA_2.png - 2.11 MBMAMMA_MIA_3.png - 2.20 MBMAMMA_MIA_4.png - 2.10 MB