Lucky God 2

Lucky God 2

If the online casino slot machine likes to talk about a theme, it is Chinese culture. You have 1,024 different ways to arrange matching symbols on the reels, which means that the god of good luck should bring you a steady stream of bonuses. You will bet 50 coins each time you spin and ask for a maximum of 1,000 coins when the highest salary symbol appears. The God of Wealth has additional features, such as being able to act as a wild symbol for others, multiplier payouts, free spins, and fast but useful bonus games.

After opening the slot machine, the inspiration for Asians is obvious. The bright red background image has a dragon pattern, and the traditional red lanterns are located on both sides of the reel, which undoubtedly leads us to believe that this is a classic Asian-themed video slot game. The soundtrack is very suitable for the theme, although the award-winning jingle sounds announced the victory, and these jingle sounds often interrupt this calm music.

Anyone who has played Chinese-themed slot machines will be familiar with symbols, selected golden bowls, lucky coins, fans and high-symbol symbols, as well as ceremonial dragons and red envelopes. I hope that those who bring good luck will bring you benefits, and on the premise of ensuring fair competition, coupled with high player returns, we believe that players will not wait long before the god of wealth smiles at them. .

How to play

Some bettors are happy to see the standard playing card symbols, while others want to associate everything with the theme. This is just a personal preference. The God of Wealth uses 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A to create a low-paying combination, and when the picture symbol appears, it will receive the highest bonus.

When a red fan stops on three, four or all five reels, it will pay 25, 50 or 200 coins, and the lucky coin symbol is worth 100, 200 or 500. A bag of cash can only be placed on one reel and there are two rewards for you to win 5 coins, and the symbol will pay 700 when it is landed throughout the game.

The best victory in the normal game comes from the Golden Bowl. When these traditional items fall on two to all five reels, the value is between 10 and 1,000 coins. The red lantern is a wild symbol, if they can complete the combination for you, they can act as all symbols except the scattered symbols. This crazy phenomenon is not worth it in itself, but we found that it appears frequently and adds more spending to slot machines that already have regular winning spins.

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