Animal party

Animal Party (Animal Party) is a game played in a realistic zoo, with beautiful 3D graphics and animation.During the game, you will stand in front of the metal entrance door of the zoo, which supports the runner. The background shows lush vegetation, and the paved road gently winds in the courtyard and the blue sky. The perfect day trip!

In fact, the sound effects of the game are excellent, birds chirp, and various tropical animals communicate loudly with each other. This may be a detail, but these sound effects help create a convincing and immersive atmosphere for Animal Party, which players have always liked.

ANIMAL_PARTY_1.png - 2.23 MBANIMAL_PARTY_2.png - 2.24 MBANIMAL_PARTY_3.png - 2.83 MBANIMAL_PARTY_4.png - 2.75 MBANIMAL_PARTY_5.png - 1.42 MBANIMAL_PARTY_6.png - 2.90 MB