Jue Zhan Tian Xia

Jue Zhan Tian Xia

Jue Zhan Tian Xia is a large-scale 3D animal game console. The brand-new Journey to the West character gameplay, exquisite interface design, bright rhythm music, with cute images such as Sun Wukong, Zhu Bajie, Sha Wujing, Niu Demon, etc., let you play full of fun. With red, yellow and green, there are twelve gameplays.

How to play

1, 8 people, jointly open.
2. The options of universal high magnification and ups and downs can be adjusted freely to cater to players' habits.
3. The unique Sun Wukong challenges the level, when the runner in the upper left corner turns out the same character and enters the fighting screen.
4. Sun Wukong wins the King of the Sea Dragon, and the high-volume connection is drawn.
5. Sun Wukong wins Erlang God and has the opportunity to win the Lucky Seat award and double the score.
6. Multiple connections, break the upper limit of points, jointly open cards and send lights together; defeat opponents, awards burst; joy and excitement.
7. Never stop, the exclusive cooperation system developed by Phoenix: high-speed coin deposit and withdrawal system (optional) Innovative intelligent coder control, freely retractable.
8. Introduction of hardware (hardware): IC board (pressure dividing board) + computer host (customized, ASUS foundry) has stable performance and never crashes.

Journey to the West Game Features
1. Journey to the West has added a unique Sun Wukong challenge level:
A total of 4 kinds of BOSS: Spider Spirit, Princess Iron Fan, Erlang God, Dragon King are waiting for you to challenge, defeat different BOSS to get the corresponding lantern award
2. There are 12 kinds of lantern awards in the Journey to the West:
Sun Wukong's victory over the spider spirit has the opportunity to obtain: Seventy-two Transformations, Sealing the Gods, Two-Link, Three-Link, Fairy Scattered Flowers
Sun Wukong's victory over Princess Iron Fan has the opportunity to win: Four Company, Four Kings, All Characters, All Colors, and All Over the World
Sun Wukong's victory over Erlang God can get: Caijin
Sun Wukong's victory over the Dragon King can get: the four seas are one
3. Journey to the West has adopted a good user experience.

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