Happy Party

Happy Party

All the holidays in the world come together to bring beautiful blessings and gifts of wealth to the joyous party. Will you stuff yourself with turkeys and miss gifts under the Christmas tree? Or will New Year's auspicious greetings bring you a lot of wealth? Find the answer by rotating the scroll!

How to play

Arrangement of symbols in happy party or holiday party slot machine games.
Arrangement of symbols/images for fever games.
If you have a fever game. The spin in the fever game will be played automatically. You can feel the game fever in 2 ways.

The first way to click rotate is to rotate and stop, try to click directly to stop. In the second method, the auto-play function is used. In terms of bonuses and fever games, automatic games are more likely to have huge opportunities. Online slot machine bonus.

Multiplication in happy party and holiday party slot machine games.
This multiplication only applies to gaming heat.

Happy party slot game bonuses are also very interesting. If you successfully enter this stage. There will be a Santa Claus playing a safe box with revolver bullets full of images. Each picture has its own multiplication.

HAPPY_PARTY_1.png - 3.48 MBHAPPY_PARTY_2.png - 3.20 MBHAPPY_PARTY_3.png - 3.43 MBHAPPY_PARTY_4.png - 3.31 MBHAPPY_PARTY_5.png - 2.72 MB