The game Belangkai, named after the Malay language "Belangkas", means King Crab. It is especially popular with Chinese ladies, but other people also play it often, including Boyans.The Belangkai desktop slot is a simple game, but winning it is not easy. Therefore, this article will introduce you to some useful tips to win online Belangkai games.

How to play

First of all, you need to master all the functions of the game buttons, for example, the spin button is to rotate, and the automatic rotation is automatically rotated after the game is completed. Not only can this help you increase your influence, but you can also find an appreciation strategy.

Secondly, we must master the speed of the game. Generally, every Belangkai game is very fast, so you need to have a good attitude to keep up with the speed of the game.

Third, you need to manage your funds. Set limits for losses and wins, and pay attention to the number of losses and stops. Stop every time you reach the limit of defeat or victory.

The game rules are:

  • Betting Area
    • A King Crab.
    • A Flower of Star.
    • A Fish.
    • A Prawn
  • Gaming tool
    • A layout devided into four rectangles, each rerctangle marked with the above mention Picture signs.
    • A saucer or small plate in which to spin the Top on.
    • A bowl to cover the top while spinning.
King Crab 1 To 2.9
Flower 1 To 2.9
Fish 1 To 2.9
Prawn 1 To 2.9
King Crab Or Prawn 1 To 0.95
King Crab Or Flower 1 To 0.95
Prawn Or Fish 1 To 0.95
Fish Or Flower 1 To 0.95
Prawn Or Flower 1 To 0.95

Belangkai_1.png - 1.01 MBBelangkai_2.png - 1.50 MBBelangkai_3.png - 1.51 MBBelangkai_4.png - 1.62 MBBelangkai_5.png - 2.03 MB